Why is it called the PONY club?

Choose your answer:

  1. What’s in a name? That which we call PONY club; By any other name would be as fun.
  2. It’s an acronym for Political Network of Yaks.
  3. It’s better than PHONY club!

What is the PONY club?

The PONY club is an informal network of women in political science that meets and connects regularly at political science conferences. The main purpose of PONY club events is to bring together women scholars in an informal setting. The first meeting took place at EPSA 2018 in Vienna and brought together about 30 women.

Who can join the PONY club?

Any person who identifies as a woman* and conducts political-science-y research.

Where do the PONY club’s events take place?

Our idea is to regularly organize gatherings at larger political science conferences, in a bar or a pub. But we’re also open for new ideas and suggestions!

What happens at PONY club events?

Anything can happen at PONY club events! Mainly, though, we’re just going to have drinks, chat, exchange pleasantries and arguments, get to know each other and have a good time.

How can I register for the PONY club event?

Usually you’ll receive an invite via email and then you can sign up by RSVPing (just say “register” + event) to PONYclub@mailbox.org or via this form.

I received an invitation to the next PONY club event and would like to bring a friend. Can I bring her?

Please feel free to forward the invitation to her! If either of you could give us a heads-up by sending an email to PONYclub@mailbox.org, that would be great.

Can I also organize a PONY club event?

Why not?! Get in touch via PONYclub@mailbox.org and we’ll talk about it!

I have some thoughts about the PONY club and would like to share them with the organizers. What’s the best way to go about it?

That’s great, we’re always interested in hearing your thoughts and feedback. You can reach us via email (PONYclub@mailbox.org) or during PONY club events.

I can’t attend the next PONY club event, but would really like to keep in touch.

No worries! Feel free to add your email address to our mailing list here.

Where can I view the pretty, original FAQ sheet?

You can download it here: FAQ_Sheet